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SMILEKIT Rechargeable Teeth Whitening Kit with light

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  • Rechargeable Teeth Whitening Kit with Light
  • Developed by UK Dentists
  • Gentle Formula - ideal for sensitive teeth
  • Amazing Results in 10 mins
  • Saving you £££'s Each Year
  • Made by UK Dentists
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    Teeth Whitening Kit with Light - Made by UK Dentists
    Teeth Whitening Kit with Light  -  fast results
    Teeth Whitening Kit with Light  - Money Back Guarantee
    Teeth Whitening Kit with Light  - Safe & Effective
    Teeth Whitening Kit with Light  - Easy to use
    Teeth Whitening Kit with Light  - Clinically Proven

    Product Overview

    Teeth Whitening Kit with Light 

    Did someone say TV teeth whitening?
    Yes, please! The SmileKIT Teeth Whitening Kit with Light is the perfect way to get that dazzling smile quickly.
    You don't need to rely on those overpriced products anymore since this sleek device gets results in a matter of minutes - no dental visits required!

    It's 100% safe for your enamel and can even be used by more sensitive teeth - you won't believe how much money you'll save without having to suck on something unpleasantly flavoured. Plus, it works like some pretty expensive stage lights so people will take notice when you enter a room or speak up at work.
    Let's make all your dreams come true today because there's never been an easier way.

    The SmileKit teeth whitening kit, may just be the answer for all your tooth whitening needs!

    You can get rid of any yellow or stained teeth within minutes.
    With a simply designed gadget and easy instructions, you'll be on your way to having that celebrity white smile in no time.

    This Teeth Whitening Kit with light is perfect for those who have sensitive teeth - our special formula protects them too so no more sensitivity whatsoever. It's also safe for enamel - and best of all it works!

    The SmileKit is guaranteed to give you 100% satisfaction with its easy and effective design, or money back guarantee.
    Sinfully simple & worth every penny - pick up a Smilekit today and say goodbye to stains forever!

    Product FAQs

    Product frequently asked questions

    Question Answer
    How long do the whitening effects last? You can discolour your teeth again if you eat lots of spicy foods, smoke and drink a lot of coffee or whine.
    How often should I use teeth whitening products? Complete the full course of treatment for 2 weeks every six months to keep your teeth white.
    Can I use your teeth whitening products daily? Yes, we found that it is better to use them daily over time and you willl see the changes.
    Do your teeth whitening products brighten underlying teeth colours, or do they just remove stains? Yes they often do improve your existing teeth colour, as well as removing even stubborn teeth stains.
    Are your teeth whitening products safe to use? Yes, all of these products have been approved and can be used by even those with sensitive teeth.
    Should I was off the film that is left behind after treatments? For best results you should rinse your mouth off after use.
    Can I use them daily? Yes there is no reason why not. They certainly will help keep your teeth looking their best.
    Do my teeth only stay whiter while I am using the treatments? No, they actually will whiten the teeth, remove even stubborn stains and leave your teeth looking whiter.
    How long should I use the treatments for each day? Often our treatments work in just 15 minutes, but for more stubborn stains we recommend leaving them on your teeth for up to 30 minutes.
    Will I get the same results as from a dentist? Yes, and you'll save, plus we have many happy customers who are very pleased with our teeth-whitening products.


    (No reviews yet) Write a Review

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