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Check out our range of Luxury Italian Stationery including both Spiral Bound A4 lined Notebooks and Stapled A4 lined Notebooks available in two colours, Black and Purple or Viola. Containing smooth lined paper which means they accommodate fountain pen ink really well, these slim and light notebooks are surprisingly economically priced for their quality.

They use a 7 mm ruled line and are very useful at Home or in the Office and they give us the flexibility to write down important notes or for logging details.
They help us stay organised and can be used for creating important to-do lists and of course for taking notes during meetings.

Studies have found that writing by hand helps us process information more efficiently, remember more and think faster when compared with typing.
Additionally they help improve our spelling and grammar.

Notebooks are perfect for jotting down important thoughts before they are forgotten.
Carrying a notebook with a pen makes it easier to write down information while out and about.

These Notebooks can also be used as journals and did you know that journaling is an recognised technique that Doctors recommend for managing mental health issues, such as Depression and Anxiety.
Maintaining a journal or Diary helps us to convey fears and inner thoughts, not to mention identify negative or destructive thought patterns and track symptoms.

History of Fabriano Stationery

Fabriano can trace their routes all the way back to 1264 and since then they have been closely associated with high quality luxury paper, held in great respect by in every part of the world and well known to Artists and Writers as well as Publishers.

The invention of paper is usually credited to the Chinese and its subsequent launch in the Western Hemisphere ascribed to the Arab nations; we believe that the people of Fabriano must be given credit for their ability to initiate a true jump in paper quality and for establishing Fabriano as the leaders in the production of modern paper.

More recently, in 2002 Cartiere Milani Fabriano was purchased by Gruppo Fedrigoni who are a significant and well known in specialist paper.
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