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Negative Ion Jewellery

Our negative ion products and jewellery brings you state of the art designs with a combination of natural well-being technologies such as far infrared, magnetics & negative ions.
We have everything you need including Negative Ion Bracelets and Negative Ion Necklaces for both men and women, as well as Ladies Wellbeing Watches.

Starting with a complex space age manufacturing process they are hand assembled with special components & tooling.
FIR is the invisible band of energy from our sun's spectrum that we feel as warmth.
Our jewellery's ceramic inserts absorb energy from various sources and release it for gentle warming.

Negative ions have an invigorating effect on the body.

This is some of the most advanced technology in a nice, simple package for you!

Our negative ion products and jewellery are handcrafted with natural materials and features cutting-edge space age hardware to help protect your health AND make you look cool!

But don't take our word for it—fully customizable options mean that you can go from rugged to stylish according to whichever fashion trend strikes your fancy!

It's time to kick back, relax, and let these stunning pieces work their magic on all of your favourite parts of your body while giving you access to both the sun's warm rays AND the Earth's healing negative energy.

To us, a night without stars is like a dull meal; an evening spent with someone who doesn't understand you and appreciate your company is like biting into an apple that isn’t ripe. But this can be avoided by wearing Negative Ion Products from Sloops!

Our negative ion products and jewellery combines two leading technologies in our recent growth area: magnetic and far infrared.

We've created just the right amount of alternating magnetism to produce a powerful, safe form of steady heat that you're sure to enjoy on those cold winter nights, not to mention all year long!

Negative ions are great for people who spend most of their time indoors thanks to the technology we've pioneered by adding ceramics into these products.
Doesn’t that sound lovely?

The “healing power” is what we sell, because you can feel it with every wearing.

It leads an exciting life outside your garment when it's worn through those days where negativity starts controlling you mentally - long live FIR and magnetics.

Have you ever wanted to find the perfect gift for someone who adores technology paired with nature's finest?

Well, this ion jewellery is for that person!

Even better than a new car or fancy dinner out: our negative ion products are stylish and understated but pack an energy-boosting punch - leaving things feeling as positive as they were when we first started exploring these technologies.

So go on, take advantage of our special introductory offers now so we can get peace & positivity flowing through your space!
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