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Heel Cups, Medical Grade Shoe Inserts, Silica Orthotic Gel Pad Cushions

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  • Relieves strain on your feet for long periods of time
  • Improves blood flow and circulation
  • Increases energy levels, decreases fatigue
  • Recharges your muscles to fight pain
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    Product Overview

    Silicone Gel Heel Cups, Medical Grade Shoe Inserts, Silica Orthotic Gel Pads Cushions Insole for Plantar Fasciitis

    Protect your feet with these heel cups!

    These orthotic gel pads are perfect for people who have plantar fasciitis and need relief from sore, tired feet.
    They fit in your shoes behind the ball of the foot, helping to stabilize heels before they strike the ground.

    When you walk, these cushions take pressure off of your heel as cushioning gel works inside each pad to dissipate shock to reduce pain.
    Wear them while working or standing around all day foot comfort is just an order away!

    Do you spend your whol day on your feet?

    Mid-day is the worst. Those achy heels can really bring you down.
    What's worse, they often get even worse in the evening!

    Now there are medical grade heel cups that will have you back on track and moving forward in no time!
    Simply put these gel silicone orthotic cusions behind each of your foots' heel, under thin socks or calluses to protect them from further harm - just avoid washing them with soap because it would make it slippery and not very effective.
    With this easy fix, those aches will be gone before you know it!

    Medium - Red Pads: Fit Shoe Sizes: 3 - 6  (EU 37 -40)

    Large - Blue Pads: Fit Shoe Sizes: 7 - 12  (EU 41 - 46)

    Perfect for those who spend a long time on their feet while working.

    These comfortable Silicone Gel Heel Cups offer maximum relief.

    They are also ideal for any heel problems, Bone Spurs pains, General Pain Relief, Sore Heel Pain, Achilles Pain and General Foot Care


    (No reviews yet) Write a Review