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GPS Trackers

Our range of GPS trackers, tracking devices, gps devices, vehicle gps devices all in stock and ready to go with FREE UK Delivery. Ideal for tracking cars/vehicles as well as small children, cats and dogs, bicycles together with elderly friends or relatives.

They are available in packs of 4, or individually so brilliant for finding lost keys or other missing items.

Benefits of using GPS Trackers with your Family

Monitoring Kids
The smaller the child the harder it is to keep an eye on them, particularly when in crowded or busy areas such as, large shopping centres, city centres or parks. There is nothing more worrying and irritating for parents than losing sight of their children. A GPS Tracker for Kids, child tracker or Mobile Tracker could be the answer.

Additionally, these tags or trackers allow parents to track their older children too. For example to and from their School. If the child is constantly getting Home late a GPS for kids would be helpful to see if they are making unscheduled stops on the way.

Monitoring Pets
I remember it well, a panicked phone call from my sister because her cat had disappeared again! Yes I am afraid that her cat is a bit of a serial offender. Once again the whole family mobilised and started scouring the neighbourhood but despite us spending many hours searching there was no sign. Thankfully these stressful incidents are now a thing of the past thanks to the GPS Tracker.

Now whenever my sister loses sight of her cat she simply loads up the GPS Tracker app on her mobile and then she can see exactly where her wantaway pet is.

Monitoring Elderly Loved Ones
We all get a little confused sometimes, particularly when elderly. For those who have been diagnosed with Dementia this can cause wandering, which often leads to individuals getting lost. With a GPS Tracker on their person you can easily track them and their location from the app on your mobile phone should any emergencies arise.

Monitoring Young Adults
Passing your driving test and getting behind the wheel for the first time is one of the most exciting parts of any teens life.
As you can imagine this is a very stressful time for parents because teens are much more likely to have an accident than older adults. In fact, it has been estimated that almost 1 in every 5 16 year olds are involved in a car accident within the first year of driving.
Our GPS Trackers can help because they are a great way of monitoring your child’s actions while driving. It tracks driving behaviours, like excessive acceleration, braking or fast cornering. This helps them become better drivers because they know that their driving is being monitored.

Find & Locate Lost Luggage
Undeniably one of the most stressful things that can happen while travelling for work or pleasure. The worst thing about this is that it actually happens to thousands of passengers worldwide everyday. Luggage can be lost by Airlines or even be stolen by thieves.

To help protect your valuables while travelling you should get a GPS Tracker or even better a pack of the devices to help find and retrieve your luggage should it get lost. Our unit will help you locate your item(s) through the app on your phone.

Protect your Family Car
Having a GPS Tracker is the best way to protect your car, particularly if you are unable to park in a secure area. Our app enables you to keep a close eye on your car and its location at all times.
Our GPS Trackers send your vehicle’s location in real-time to your smartphone which helps you retrieve it if stolen.

Additionally we have vehicle fleet tracking systems, as well as magnetic tracking boxes that can easily be attached to any vehicle. There are no monthly fees with any of our vehicle trackers and they have an unlimited range.

What are the Benefits of using GPS Tracking Systems for Fleet Vehicles?

GPS Tracking Systems bring a number of benefits when used with Fleet vehicles. As you will appreciate that most of them would be efficiency benefits because they help businesses improve their profitability by reducing costs.

Optimised Routes
When you fit a GPS Tracking System to your vehicles they provide you with real-time data, which includes the location of every vehicle in the fleet. So you can easily ensure that the drivers are selecting the best route to avoid roadworks, traffic jams and accidents.

Improve Customer Service by Increasing Response Times
Adding our vehicle tracking devices will assist you with improving your response times; the system will allow you to choose the closest vehicle to your customer ensuring a responsive and prompt service.

Save Money on Fuel
As you most probably know, fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses in Fleet Management but our vehicle tracking systems will help you reduce these costs and save you money.

Improved Safety
GPS Tracking Systems can be used to improve fleet vehicle safety. They can be used to help identify any issues, for example a problem driver, you can spot the signs and take action before you get an expensive repair bill.

Also studies have shown that when individuals know that their driving style is being monitored they are far less likely to take any unnecessary risks with your vehicle(s), which also means less wear and tear.

Prevent loss from theft
When undesirables see that vehicles are being tracked by gps tracking systems they know that if they take a tracked vehicle they are far more likely to be caught so more often and not they will move on to the next vehicle.

These systems are a great deterrent to any would-be thief and if anyone is crazy enough to steal it anyway; you have a way of tracking its location and then passing the location on to the Police.
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