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SMILEKIT Teeth Whitening Kit - Safe & Effective - Developed by UK Dentists

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  • Advanced Teeth Whitening System - Developed by UK Dentists
  • Includes LED Accelartor, Advanced Whitening Gel & Whitening Trays
  • Whitens your teeth in just 15 minutes
  • Natural Formula - Safe & Effective
  • Saving you £££'s Each Year
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    Product Overview

    Teeth Whitening Kit with the latest and most elegant clinical-grade whitening gel, formulated by world-renowned British Dentists.
    So if you are looking for which teeth whitening kit is the best, or looking to use a teeth whitening kit at home, or a teeth whitening kit with led, or a teeth whitening kit that works, or teeth whitening kist that are Dentist approved then look no further.

    They are also a great cheaper alternative to teeth whitening kits from Boots.
    The teeth whitening kit with light accelerates the effect of the formula using gentle LED technology - just take it home with you, sit comfortably and feel your teeth change colour before your very eyes in as little as 15 minutes!

    You'll be left with gorgeous sparkling white teeth that are much whiter than they have been for years! All thanks to the teeth whitening gel.
    Advance teeth whitening kit made by UK Dentists, with upper & lower mouthpieces & LED light for extreme whitening.
    • Advance teeth whitening kit with LED accelerator
    • Peroxide free
    • Includes 2 x trays and whitening gel - for removing stains
    • Whitens and protects your teeth
    • Safe & super easy to use
    • Reusable teeth whitening kit - saves you money
    Many people think that teeth whitening treatments are only for celebrities and the rich.
    The truth is, these treatments can be very costly for many reasons.
    For starters, some of them require a visit to the dentist office before they can be applied at home.

    This means you may have to take time off from work or school in order to get your teeth whitened properly!
    Not only that, but all-inclusive packages can also cost hundreds of pounds per year - which is not something most people want to spend their money on when there are other things they need or want (like a new car.)

    Fortunately, we now offer an alternative: our own line of professional dental gel kits specially formulated by UK Dentists and featuring the latest dental gel for superior results.
    This means that we can offer the same long-lasting, painless teeth whitening treatments at a fraction of what you would pay when visiting your dentist or going to an expensive salon - and our kits start at less than £15!
    It is widely accepted that people with whiter teeth not only look younger but are also considered to be more successful and healthier. In a recent survey, people with naturally whiter teeth were considered more successful and healthy by 54% of respondents! We want you to be happy with your smile and confident in your appearance.
    For this reason, we've created a professional dental gel that whitens teeth. Our new pro-gel is designed to provide long-lasting results and features innovative mouthguard trays.

    During a recent survey, where respondents were asked about how often and how much they spend on cosmetic dental treatments it came to light that:
    The majority of people whiten their teeth at least once a month and spend an average of £205. In fact, a huge 48% said they spent more than six hours per week on social media sites, with the vast proportion spending time browsing photos posted by others showing off instantly whiter smiles! This is not surprising as photographs often show white smile. Most respondents said they want to look good in pictures, or because it makes them feel better about themselves.
    And this is why most people are willing to spend the money on teeth whitening treatments at least once a month and an average cost of £205 per year! Using teeth whitening kits with an LED accelerator will be much more economical. A teeth whitening kit with an LED accelerator can provide the same results and save you up to 50% on dental gel treatments! The savings are huge, especially as most people doing this at least once a month will spend £205 per year for these services – that is over 250 times what they would have spent. How does the LED Accelerator work? Add the gel to the supplied dental trays and use the LED Accelerator. Complete your teeth whitening routine with a 20-minute gel cycle and then remove trays from your teeth for 30 minutes to allow it time before applying another application of dental cream or toothpaste, rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwards so you do not taste anything unpleasant!

    What are the benefits of having whiter teeth?
    The above survey results translate into an increase in your self-confidence, which can help you succeed at work or make new friends easily because people will see the boost they give as well! The feeling is contagious; 53 % said that their mood improves as well.

    Why should I buy Teeth Whitening Kits from Sloops?
    Our Teeth Whitening Kits have been formulated by UK Dentists and they do not contain any harsh ingredients like hydrogen peroxide or bleach which can damage your teeth enamel.
    They have also been tried and tested by our team of experts!

    How many people use Teeth Whitening products?
    In the UK it is estimated that approximately 25 million people use teeth whitening products.

    How does it work?
    Our Teeth Whiteners are made with Dental Gel which is proven to provide superior results without the need for expensive trips and treatments at a dentist! It's easy, just follow our instructions on how much gel you should apply in order to get the best results.

    Advance teeth whitening kits use the very latest whitening gel, which has been formulated by UK Dentists. Use the included LED accelerator light to softly remove stains created by smoking, food colourings, coffee, tea, wine and ageing. Studies have proven that people with whiter teeth are viewed as being younger, healthier and more successful. You can whiten your teeth in as little as 15 minutes with the latest whitening technology all in the comfort of your own home; not to mention the savings and the convenience of not visiting a Dentist.     The Kit contains 2 x teeth tray
    Whitening gel
    LED accelerator light

    Product FAQs

    Product frequently asked questions

    Question Answer
    Are your teeth whitening products safe? Absolutely, because they have been formulated by UK dentists.
    How quickly do they work? Some of our customers have seen results in as little in 15 minutes.
    Most people should see results after the first week.
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    • 5
      I love this kit!

      Posted by Louise Hall on 10th Sep 2021

      Where to start what an amazing bargain, I absolutely love this kit I have been using for less than a week and can already see results. Very happy and will be telling all my friends.

    • 5
      Really noticed changes!

      Posted by Monica on 11th Jun 2020

      Thank you, this kit works perfectly! Paid several hundred last year to my dentist, and yours is as good... or even better!

    • 5
      My teeth look great

      Posted by Emma P on 9th Jun 2020

      What a brilliant kit I have only just started using it and I am already really impressed with the results :)

    • 5
      Really Impressed!

      Posted by Jenny D on 22nd May 2020

      Even after using for a couple of days I can see a difference. Very good buy, and low price too.